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Friday, June 23, 2017
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Growing Groups - Also known as Sunday School and Small Groups are the key to unlocking the door of your faith growth!

One of the most important pieces to living a faithful life is to intentionally seek ways to grow your faith.



Our Adult group (high school ages and up!) will meet Tuesday Evenings at 7:00pm. You'll find out all about it in our exciting new programs.   All are welcome!!


EVERY Sunday during the 10:30 am celebration, we host a Junior Church for the Pew Wigglers.  Children are invited to attend Junior Church following the Pastor's Children's Message for a time of learning and fun!



 Our Women's Mid-Week Study meets on Tuesday mornings at 10:00 am.  It's never to late to join in! Come and bring a friend - grow together!




Please call our church office for more information and if you have any questions, 641-3219. 


Other Opportunities to gather with others;


In-Shape Shepherds - we participate in a variety of events to promote healthy and active lifestyles! 3 times a week you can join us for Zumba with Michelle G.  Healthy eating studies, 5K runs, Bike Rides etc.  If you like to get out, have a favorite activity, looking to live healthier...join us!


Good Shoppers - we share coupon and shopping tips to save God's resources!  Classes on using coupons and shopping tips, where to find "free" items to be donated or used in our Disaster Kits! If you enjoy the art and thrill of a good deal or want to save money...join us!


Good Kneedlers-We have a new group forming now.  Knitters AND Crochet projects to support and encourage others.


God is calling Good Shepherd to bring people to Jesus Christ and to fellowship in His family. Our desire is to help you grow through ongoing education and equip you for a life of service in the church and in the world in order to glorify God’s holy name.




Growing spiritually means becoming more and more like Jesus in every area of life, and reproducing that growth in others. Spiritual growth isn’t a one-size-fits-all, but here are the fundamentals we consider essential in growing with God: 

Attend and Participate in the Worship Celebration
We gather on Sundays to give our praise and adoration to God. Each week we strive for a God-honoring celebration of God’s hands in our lives. Our worship is a blend of traditional and modern, with various musical styles, including a bell choir of all ages, soloists, and instrumentalists. Regular community worship is essential to maintaining a direct relationship with God and His people. Please join us Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m.
Talk to God Daily
Reading the Bible and praying on a regular basis teach us how to hear and respond to God’s voice. We help facilitate that with Adult Bible Studies, Youth Bible Studies, Daily Devotions and a prayer chain. We believe that God is waiting to hear from us and only asks for us to be prepared to listen.
Participate in the Community
In addition to community worship, we gather after celebration to connect over light refreshments. Many of our members and friends participate in small groups, studies, and fellowship circles. Support, accountability, and growth is where we can be fully known, celebrated and challenged to move toward living like Jesus.
Practice Generosity  
We encourage all Good Shepherd members and friends to be a part of something bigger than themselves by connecting with someone in need, joining a serving team or beginning (or increasing) financial giving. Being generous with time and money blesses others, and they are important ways in which God forms our character and helps us to grow. 
Another way to Grow your faith is to put your faith into ACTION!
Please see our "Serve" page for ways to share the love of God.